Ryan and Pace

This is from Kevin Bowen of 1075 the fan:

  • An interesting note from Frank Reich following Colts practice on Thursday. Despite implementing/running the same number of plays as Days 1 and 2 from prior years, the Colts practice has ended 10 minutes earlier each day. Why? Reich points to the tempo implored from new quarterback Matt Ryan. "It’s unbelievable," Reich said of Ryan pushing the tempo in between plays at practice. "We’ve never practiced like this. It’s a mentality, a confidence. It’s ‘we got to keep up and play.’ We are dictating tempo from the huddle to the ball and we are going. (Ryan) told me at the start, ‘I’m going to push the tempo. I said, ‘We will follow your lead.’" Could this clear objective from Ryan lead to the Colts implementing some more no-huddle in 2022?
For those of us who complained about the play clock winding down on a large pct. of plays under both Rivers and Wentz, this is music to my ears.

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