More or Less: The Dilemma

Deshaun Watson will be subject to a six game suspension to begin the season.

I first saw this report on ESPN, however, it seems to be gaining traction on other fronts and is likely true.

Chime in with your thoughts.

Is this Fair or foul?

Too light or too heavy?

Expound on your darkest conspiracies.

My thought? This is ugly. A sixteen game stop should have been applied. (Why 16? If he is eligible to play this year then Cleveland can't take advantage of bumping his salary hit down the road.) IMHO, Cleveland should be suspended six games for signing the guy. If ever I hope for failure, karma says it is here, in this situation. I know, it is vindictive. But the claims are too numerous to ignore and the response is too feeble to accept. It shows us that a guy can buy (legal fees) his way out of a pattern of behavior. Six games with mandatory counseling and classes along with required daily massages from an 400 pound east German "guy" named Bruno with really callused hands would be acceptable...maybe...Show him who's boss, Bruno.

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