Preseason Snap Judgment: Malik Willis

Having watched last night's Ravens / Titans game, I'm wondering the following (possible) overreaction:

Should Chris Ballard and the Colts have taken Malik Willis with one of their 3rd round picks? Yes, it was preseason, but Willis looked impressive last night. Is this kid the next Desuan Watson, minus the under-sized hand towels and lotion?

With still no long term answer at the QB spot, I think the Colts may have blown their best chance at finding what could be a game changing QB at a spot in the draft that wouldn't have cost them anything extra to move up and grab.

It would be especially bitter if Willis turns out to be great because it's with the Titans. I shudder to think about the next few years with a Henry+Willis combo in this division. overreaction or a valid concern going forward? Let's just say that I'm mildly concerned with this.

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