Some observations from preaseson opener

#71 is massive red flag!, dude could not block at all. I know that Dennis Kelly is injured, but number #74 should get the looks at RT with the second offensive line unit. The RG that replaced Pinter, looked bad too, he was not pushed back almost every snap, but more often than not he was also being pushed back.

Frank, Frank, Frank! Don't get me wrong, i like a lot of things about him as the Colts head coach, but i have a few concerns with his divisional record and the choices that he has made on those divisional games that have led to that record, but that is another topic. The Frank, Frank, Frank! here is for Special Teams Kickoff, what the hell is doing Blankenship kicking those ones?, one he barely kick it to where the endzone line starts and the other was kicked like 15 yards away from that line. In fact i think that his choices regarding kickers are very cuestionable, How many games cost us to not release Vinny in his last season? How can he still keep trusting chicken legs Blankenship after what happen in Baltimore last year? After the fact that he has a really awful accuracy when kicking from 45 or more yards? And now, knowing that chicken legs has almost no power on those legs, How can he also be kicking the Kickoffs?

Defensive line looks very promising, first, second and maybe third units were constantly putting pressure.

Obviously it was not only the defensive line the part of the defense that shined, all defense as a whole with, 1st, 2nd and maybe some 3rd units players looked impressive. In fact i have never been so excited as i am for this season about a Colts defense.

Kudos to Ehlinger too, yeah against third units players, but he did his job very good.

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