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Chris Ballard Talks Colts Football with The Irish NFL Show

The Interview Is Live Now!

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s always a pleasure to hear Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard talk and give an insight into his thoughts and ways of working. A recent interview with the Irish NFL Show lets us know his thoughts and views on the team for the upcoming 2022 NFL Season.

Our friends from the Irish NFL Show have given us a clip of an interview they were able to conduct with Chris Ballard, where he talks all things Colts’ roster and the upcoming NFL season.

This clip focused on one of the newest members of the Colts team, Yannick Ngakoue. Ballard talks about how pleased he is to have been able to add Ngakoue to this Colts team. Ballard seems extremely happy to have Ngakoue on the team and goes on to sing his praises about his on and off the field talents.

The full interview aired on the Irish NFL Show YouTube Channel at 7pm (Irish Standard Time) Saturday and is available on their Twitter and Facebook account. It’ll also be available as a podcast.

A huge thanks to the guys over at The Irish NFL Show for sharing this clip with us, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing the entire interview.