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Colts Podcast: What we want to see in Preseason game 2 against the Lions

Will the “dress rehearsal” game give us a better offense than last week?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts first preseason game was ... a mixed bag. While some didn’t worry about any particular aspects of the performance, others were hyper-focused on the sub-par production from the wide receivers and the anemic offense in general. With that game now in the bag, what are we looking forward to seeing in the second preseason game?

Chris and I got together to discuss that in detail ahead of the “dress rehearsal” of the preseason. Topics include:

  • The emphasis on the wide receivers and what we want to see despite the scheme being simplistic
  • The fact that the real offense isn’t on the field without Jonathan Taylor in the lineup
  • The performance of the offensive line
  • The tight end group and why receiving isn’t the only thing we’ll be watching
  • Pass rush. Pass rush. Pass rush
  • The secondary and the emergence of young players like Nick Cross and what it could mean in a Gus Bradley defense
  • So much more

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