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Colts vs Lions - 2022 NFL Preseason Week 2 Open Thread

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Mykal McEldowney/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Preseason Week 2 replaces the old format of Week 4, when the NFL had four preseason games. In this game, most or all of the first team units on both teams will not see the field. Instead, this is a time for second and third stringers to put together a solid performance and gives coaches reasons on film to retain them on the fringe of the roster or the practice squad. Nick Foles will likely play most or all of the first half.

What could make today slightly more interesting is that the Lions have been in Indianapolis this week for joint practices. Arguably, this means the two teams are more closely prepared to play each other than they normally would be in the preseason. Today is all about who makes a statement and who wins one-on-one battles against the same players they’ve faced all week.