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Colts Podcast: Takeaways from the 2nd preseason game against the Lions

We finally saw some encouraging signs from the wide receiver group.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2022 NFL season just around the corner - seriously, we’re not even a month away now - the evaluation of the Colts roster is going into overdrive. While we didn’t see many starters in this second preseason game, we did see quite a few guys who will be on the roster and more importantly, guys who are competing for some of those last spots on the roster.

Ignore the 27-26 score against the Lions. This game is all about who stood out and the general trends from the game. We discuss this on the latest podcast. Topics include:

  • The performances of wide receivers Dezmon Patmon and Mike Strachan and how a tight end injury could be a deciding factor in determining where these guys land
  • The impressive preseason Sam Ehlinger is having thus far and why it doesn’t make him the better backup QB but it does create roster questions
  • The performance of the offensive line and defensive line and why depth at these positions may need to be addressed before the season begins
  • The running back position and how underwhelming the group looks right now after the top 3 guys

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