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Colts’ Jonathan Taylor joins long list of NFL player entrepreneurs

The RB has launched Strive, a startup that develops and produces technology to measure and analyze muscle data for athletes.

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As NFL training camps get underway, the 2022 season grows near. However, players have spent the preceding months largely focusing on things outside of football. Local Colts fans might be aware of some of these player-entrepreneurs, but too often, these efforts stay under the radar while sports analysts like Jeff Saturday, Dan Orlovsky, Darius Butler, and others get much of the attention.

It isn’t uncommon for players to actually launch a business, such as Colts RB Jonathan Taylor — who is taking the time to focus some of his attention outside the game. Taylor’s startup company’s name is Strive, and its primary focus is developing and producing technology that will measure and analyze muscle data for athletes.

Anyone who has followed Taylor’s early professional career likely knows that he is a workout junky. He focuses on lifting and training to stay in top shape to ensure he can physically handle the wear and tear an NFL season will put on his body. Running back is perhaps the most physically unforgiving position in football. Taylor will get more touches on offense and will therefore get tackled more than any other player on the team.

It is no surprise that Taylor would put some of his hard-earned money and focus some of his energy off the field on finding ways to advance the science that allows athletes to keep their bodies in pique condition. According to, the technology Strive is developing focuses on producing sensors that can be placed in compression clothing to track muscle activity to measure fatigue, load symmetry, and other variables. The company offers a hardware and software platform and helps athletes train and avoid and recover from injuries.

There has been no greater push in professional sports than those to reduce injuries and improve players' safety. It is good to see that Taylor is doing his part not just to help himself but to make it possible for future athletes to analyze the areas of their bodies that need attention the most.

Former Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi has put his support behind the development of similar technology. Sorgi is a co-owner of a company called ProTeam Tactical Performance. The company is developing a technology called DARI Motion, which is an FDA-cleared medical device that assesses movement. This technology focuses on movement in the body and works to assess areas that require more attention to reduce the likelihood of injury. Sorgi has focused on trying to introduce the technology to Indianapolis-area firefighters.

Of course, focusing on health and wellness or strength development isn’t the only passion for Colts players, past and present. Linebacker Gary Brackett built a restaurant business with numerous Indy area locations called Stacked Pickle. COVID effectively ended that venture, but he is now a public speaker. Tackle Joe Reitz is a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual and still works out of an Indianapolis-based office. Tackle Ryan Diem is the owner and president at RED 71 Property Group, focusing on real estate in the Greater Indianapolis area.