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Malott’s Believe It or Not Week 2

A Fantasy Football, DFS and sports betting blog

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

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Last week, I wrote:


For the first time ever in fantasy football that I can remember, I had to straight up replace my starting Kicker —Colts K Rodrigo Blankenship got waived after Sunday’s overtime tie with the Houston Texans. I think the lackluster WR corps dropping tudders, Matt Ryan’s four fumbled snaps, one fumble lost, and a gimme interception are what cost the Colts, and not the insane expectations laid upon Hot Rod in his short career here, but alas. I don’t write the checks.

I’m 1-0 in the Stampede Blue staff fantasy football league because I have Jonathan Taylor and Travis Kelce in addition to insane depth. In my only cash league, I lost because I got zero points at TE for the week (thanks Cole Kmet who now has to face the Packers that actually defend the TE so wheeee). Life is a blur. Never bet your house. Just have fun with it, alright?

This week, I’m playing fantasy football against my best friend and your favorite Managing Editor and Lead Writer Brett Mock. I refuse to talk smack because I will lose and will be embarrassed. I am the commissioner of our staff league and when the draft autopopulated the draft order an hour prior and I got first pick, I knew I was probably priced into taking Jonathan Taylor with the first pick. Not because this is what I wanted to do. My material suggested Run CMC in PPR as first overall. I took JT at the behest of my peers here and I want to thank them for that. I also stole Kirk Cousins in this draft. It was bananas.


Just like I anticipated, I was in the money Week 1 right up until the end. I think if more people bet on DFS, they’d be saying the same thing to each other in what used to be watercooler talks. My strategy lacked firepower, as I made sure to spend average amounts of money on each spot instead of taking a shot on a more expensive player. I’m still sort of getting my feet wet with this. I’ll update if I pull the trigger on a roster this week.


Last week, I wrote:

BLOWOUT ALERT BUT ONLY KINDA The Colts will just win on the road against the Texans. I’m not gonna sit here and beat my chest. (Is it highly likely the Colts dog-walk the Texans? Yes.) I’d just take the Colts on the moneyline and live to fight another day (bet against history otherwise, you say?). I’d also bet on the Colts to win their Division (this is my homer pick, right? I get one!)

Uh, they tied. Wut.

The Panthers -2.5 will win by a field goal or more at home against the Browns +2.5. There is nothing quite like a QB playing like the justified starter having escaped an inept organization. Keep in mind, Baker Mayfield and McCaffery vs. Jacoby Brissett. Smart money makes money. Panthers could win their Division, too.

0/2 I don’t want to talk about it. Bounce back week. Wake up feeling dangerous!

BLOWOUT ALERT! I also like the Saints -5.5 on the road against Atlanta +5.5 because I think the Saints could challenge for a Wild Card spot and Atlanta might be the worst team in the NFL. Atlanta probably feels like another home game for the Saints, too.

0/3 but I like where my head’s at. Feisty pick there, Jared.

I like the Cowboys +1.5 at home over the Bucs -1.5, but I’d just bet this straight up. I could see a world where this comes down to someone other than Tom Brady or Dak Prescott making a game-ending mistake. I think the Cowboys and Bucs are both Wild Card teams. It’s Sunday Night Football!

0/4 lol this is laughable and Dak Prescott is out 6 weeks.

BLOWOUT ALERT! I also have the Denver Broncos -6.5 on the road dog-walking the Seattle Seahawks +6.5 on Monday Night Football. If you’re the organization letting go of Russell Wilson and then you have to play against him, you know you’re getting his best game, right? I have no doubt about that. Russell Wilson has weapons and Denver could win their Division.

0/5 I’m glad no one read this that doesn’t just post memes as answers, so...

It’s a whole new week! Last year, we picked strictly against the spread (ATS) over 64% correct. We were bound to have an off-week and I’m glad we got that out of our system.

I want to start by saying that I absolutely love the Chargers+4 on the road in Kansas City on Thursday night. I’ve been a Justin Herbert fan (if you remember, I scouted his quarterback class for our Draft Guide some years ago) and especially without Keenan Allen in the brightest of bright lights, too, I expect Herbert and the Chargers to keep pace and possibly spoil on Thursday Night Football!

As previously mentioned, I am also buying hard on the Panthers +2 on the road against the New York Giants. Baker Mayfield has those games where he lifts the entire organization and if there’s a franchise absolutely teetering on terrible and ready for a blowout home loss, it’s the G-Men.

I’d then take the Browns, Colts and Steelers all straight up.

I’ll also take the Ravens, Bucs and Lions straight up.

I’m thinking let’s make some money so I’ll absolutely take the Atlanta Falcons +10.5 on the road against the Rams. They hung in there Week 1 until the bitter end and lost and you know, sometimes it be like that. Sometimes there’s a whole season of that.

Along the same lines, I’m a Seattle Seahawks +8.5 fan on the road against San Francisco, their bitter Division rival, after that tough Week 1 loss. Vegas suggests the Seahawks are lame without Jamal Adams.

I’ll also take Houston +10 on the road against Denver and it’s not because I think Houston will win or has a chance to win. It’s because sometimes that’s just how it is. There’s what happens, and what Vegas thinks happens (Houston goes to Denver and gets beat by 2 scores after taking the Colts to overtime in Week 1?).

I’ll also take the Titans +10 on the road against the Bills on Monday Night because it’s Monday Night Football and again, I do think the Bills are two scores better than the Titans 99 times out of 100, but it’s Monday Night Football.

It just so happens that there are two games on Monday night this upcoming week! What?!

The Eagles -2 are going to win at home on Monday night as well. You can take that to the bank!

Or not.

Just don’t bet your house and you’re good!

Want a fun prop? How about Travis Kelce to get 100 yards on Thursday Night Football?

I feel like I could keep going forever! Dogs I love football!