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Saddle Up With Shaad & Destin The Road to 1-0-1...

The Road to 1-0-1...

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Saddle Up With Shaad & Destin

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Stampede Blue presents Saddle Up With Shaad & Destin. Join Rashaad and Destin every Tuesday and Thursday as they dive into questions directly from you Colts nation. To make your voice heard, call (317) 426-6387 and leave a question for the show.

Today’s questions include

  • What led to the 4th quarter offensive success?
  • Should we be worried about the Jaguars' DL?
  • Are Colts’ leaders taking enough responsibility for how last year ended and this year has begun?
  • And Much More!

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Destin Adams (@TheDestinAdams)

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