All things Colts. What's on your mind?

I've voiced my displeasure recently. I'm just not getting the same enjoyment from the site that I once did. There could be a zillion factors, with me not being willing to listen to Podcasts about the Colts, in favor of reading my news, one of the biggest. I wish to lay no blame, but just to make an attempt to have casual or even spirited conversations about the Colts. I really do not even know how many regulars are still making daily visits? I mean I visit every day, but I'm not finding things that inspire many comments.

No harsh words for any of the staff, in fact we have a couple who spend a great deal of time creating content, rather than regurgitating it.

So, here's my thought. Rather than waiting for someone to bring up something that you want to talk about, just come here and jot it down. It may get some responses, it may not? If you see a topic you don't have any desire to comment on, hell, post something you do want to comment on. If something got rolling, we could always create another thread.

I've mentioned before that I am no longer in Indiana and can't just start up a conversation with another guy wearing Colts gear in the checkout line somewhere.

If I did see one today, I'd want to know what that person really thought about Reich? Personally, I do not think he has the ability to "rally". He checks a lot of boxes, but aside from the Bills game last year, I don't think he exudes any passion for the game. I think he has other flaws, but IMHO, he could mask those by simply being able to excite the team.

I've always thought that Ballard has managed to assemble the talent, but Reich has not pushed them over the top.

I have more topics, but lets leave that for the comments section. If this who experiment goes south, maybe the last one here can turn the light off.

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