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Colts Head Coach Frank Reich Conference Call

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA TODAY NETWORK

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich had his weekly conference call today with the media and gave several updates.

Frank Reich spoke to the media about his message to the Colts players after the humiliating shut out win and is very right in saying the performance was bad and that it is essentially only one game with another 15 more to go. However, the Colts are two games into their 2022 campaign and have not put together a showing the team or fans can be positive about. Their are 15 games to go but if the Colts don’t get it together and quickly then it looks to be a long season ahead and one which Reich himself may not survive.

Reich went on to talk about the health of wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman missed the Jaguars game with a quad injury he picked up in practice last week. Pittman was sorely missed yesterday but with how bad the Colts played across the board it was hard to see having him play having change the outcome of the game. The Colts neglected to significantly upgrade a wide receiver room in the off-season that struggled mightily last year instead only adding rookie Alec Pierce who also missed the Jaguars game. The Colts need help at the wide receiver position and this loss might force General Manager Chris Ballard rethink his plan for the position.

Frank Reich went on to talk about the plan to try and game plan with the top two Colts wide receivers out for the Jaguars game. It is difficult to play a game without the teams top two wide receivers but even if Reich thinking both would play on Thursday the best coaches are able to adapt quickly and shift game plans to make up for injuries. The Colts neglected to do so and it, upon many other shortcomings, cost the Colts the game on Sunday. Hines only managing 15 snaps total on offense is a poor decision by Reich and the Colts coaches. Hines is a huge play-maker on offense and should be a big piece of the game plan every week not just one when injuries hit the wide receiver position.

Reich then touched on the status of linebacker Shaquille Leonard who has missed both of the Colts games so far. The Colts defensive showing this season have been very poor and the team badly needs its star defensive play-maker back. Leonard adds so much to the defense but with how badly the whole unit is playing its hard to see how Leonard being back would change the whole defense at this point.