Deflated like a Patriots' football...

Guys, I have to admit, for the first time in a really long time, I’m feeling down and conflicted about what’s best for the future of this Organization. As I see it, there are basically 3 paths for fate to decide this season: success (aka division title/playoffs), mediocrity (aka 8-8-1 record), and abject failure (< 6 wins).

To be clear, I would never actively root for mediocrity or complete failure, nor will I stop watching games regardless (side note: if I was a season ticket holder, however, I might be asking how to return my tickets because the ‘product’ I was sold is proving to be faulty).

In any case, I wonder if mediocrity or failure wouldn’t be best for the organization in the long run? Higher draft picks. A change in coaching regime and/or front office personnel. A reset of expectations among the fan base. These would not necessarily be bad things for this team, in my opinion.

Of course, there are downsides to mediocrity/failure, as well – and that’s apart from watching the figurative horse crap caliber of play we would witness as a fan base in these scenarios. We’d also see us wasting young talent, among them Jonathan Taylor, who without future course correction would become his generation’s Barry Sanders within this regime.

On the flip side – we are presently and with no debate – part of the WORST division in football. Whether the pieces on our team ultimately gel together or not, in some ways our ‘success’ is also tied to the relative failure of the other teams in our division. It may be possible that a non-winning record wins the AFC South this year, and if we happen to be that team, what actions – if any – will ownership take? If we somehow win our division and go to the playoffs regardless of record, does that buy Frank and/or Chris another year or two? If so, is that what’s best for the long-term (not short-term) success of this organization?

Or what if this team actually comes together, strings 10+ wins, and wins a game or two in the playoffs? Sure, that’d be great to see, but much like we talk about floors and ceilings with players, do we all genuinely feel like Reich’s ceiling as a HEAD COACH is Super Bowl caliber? If your answer is no, then how do we justify getting rid of him at the end of the year in this situation?

I don’t have the answers guys….would be curious if others are feeling the same way.

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