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Colts Stock Report: Week 2

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts went into Sunday’s game on the back of a poor showing in Week 1 having tied with the Houston Texans. The Colts came up against a familiar foe in the Jacksonville Jaguars who had lost their Week 1 game. There were some strong showings during the 0-24 loss, and a few poor ones, as well.

Stock Up:

It is difficult to find any bright sparks from the Colts in an embarassing blowout loss to the Jaguars.

Grover Stewart showed yet again why he is one of the best nose tackles in the entire league. Stewart was arguably the only bright spark for he Colts on defense the entire game playing well and at the a high standard that has been typical for him for years now. He managed 3 tackles and 3 run stops and PFF rated him with an elite run defense grade of 88.3 for the game.

EJ Speed has filled in admirably in the starting lineup to try and replace Shaquilla Leonard who has missed both games due to injury. Speed stacked back to back weeks of good play managing 6 tackles and 4 run stops and PFF rated him with an elite run defense grade of 91.3 for the game.

Stock Down:

Just as difficult of a task it is to find a bright spark for the Colts it is just as difficult to talk about individuals who played bad when arguably the whole team had a poor showing.

Matt Ryan had his worse game as a Colts so far in his short career with the team. Ryan threw 16/30 passes for 195 yards, zero touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Ryan was also sacked 5 times in the game, he played his worse game of his entire 15 year long career against the Jaguars.

The entire offensive line had another poor showing in Week 2 and managed to look worse than they did in Week 2. The offense couldn’t score, Ryan was sacked 5 times and the run blocking was so poor they could only manage to clear a path for Taylor to 54 yards rushing on the day. Matt Pryor and Braden Smith continued to struggle at the tackle positions, Ryan Kelly continued his poor play on the year and even Quenton Nelson looked bad.

The defense had another bad performance in Week 2. The defense was bound to take some adjustment time to get used to the new defensive scheme but the defense has been so underwhelming this year. On Sunday the defense couldn’t stop a Trevor Lawrence led offense which put 24 points on the board and allowed Lawrence finish the game with a stat line of 25/30 passes for 235 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.