The 1st half on the all-22

Okay, so I'm not a coach and I never even played one TV. I watched the Colts offensive plays in the 1st half on the all-22 after work this afternoon. I wanted to get my own opinion on a few of the commented culprits. Given, I don't necessarily know the O-lines responsibility on each play, so this is me calling them like I see them.

1) In the first half, Ryan actually had a pretty good pocket. I saw two occasions where the stunt wasn't handled well. It happened on each side of the line, and the way I see it, it was because the Tackle let the edge rusher get inside to the guard, basically forcing the Guard to stay inside. When the Guard released to take the outside, the Tackle was already on the rusher's hip.

2) On two other occasions, Pryor got beat with speed, but in my opinion, he sent the rusher wide enough to let Ryan move up. Ryan didn't recognize his peril on either play.

3) That Patmon drop was a killer. As were dumb penalties.

4) We didn't run well, because we still do not call actual running plays. I did not see any of our O-linemen on the good side of the line of scrimmage on any running play. I think our zone blocking, or RPO blocking is neutralizing what our horses do best. If we were supposed to firing, we were getting our asses handed to us.

5) I can't see that we run more than 3 branches of a route tree. I saw multiple examples of us having multiple receivers in the same general space. In all honestly, it looked like we had 2 guys running dummy routes on most of the plays. Put your head down and run straight.

6) I haven't changed my mind that this is a coaching issue. We didn't run with authority, our passing scheme is shit, and we got beat physically. Our players are definitely physical enough, so why did they not play that way?

7) The all-22 is pretty cool, but I think I would leave it to those getting paid to watch, unless I really really wanted to prove or disprove something.

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