Guess whose interested in returning to the coaching fraternity? Sean Payton. Interested?

Looks like Sean Payton wants back in to pro football. He is interested in coaching again in either 2023, or 2024. There are a couple of conditions though. First, he wants the right ownership and front office. He indicated if that’s not there a team won’t win long term. Also, he’s under contract to the Saints for two years after this season. So, there will be compensation needed. And, be careful on tampering.

Depending on how the Colts ultimately do in 2022, I’d be very interested in Payton. If the Colts have an underwhelming year, Irsay should insist on pursuing Payton. Assuming, of course, Payton is interested in the Colts. Payton is a very smart offensive coach, and a proven winner. He had a great QB in Brees. But my sense is each benefitted from the other. Bottom line is the Saints won, long term, with Payton. It’s very possible the Colts draft a young franchise QB in 2023. If that occurs, who better to work with the kid than Payton.

What does everyone think?

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