Colts vs Chiefs

I am going to introduce you to the newest member of the "fair-weather" fan club - been a Colt's fan for over 60 years and I am tired and old and my health is sliding down that mountain and I may be in that Valley of Peace much sooner than later. For the first time since that awful move out of Baltimore I find I am thinking about relinquishing my fandom. I am arguing with myself whether I should watch the Colts today?

I am tired of stop-gap recycled future hall of fame quarter backs. I am tired of management that seems to be too optimistic at evaluating talent. I read thousands of words regarding the problems the Colts have with receivers and I read where head coach and general manager were comfortable with the depth at wide out. The same for left tackle. I am tired of being told that the Colts have a top o-line and then have them fail to protect Ryan. I am tired of seeing draft picks and free agents brought in on the defensive line and still no pass-rush.

I had hoped to see at least another Super Bowl brought to Indy in my life time but it is just a dream - a fantasy - much like Irsay's supporting of Frank after the collapse last year. Not sure how many seasons I have left to root for the horse shoe but it is getting more difficult as I see talent squandered and hopes diminish.

Maybe the malaise will pass - as it did - after the move but it is getting more difficult to put on my worn Johnny U jersey - break out a few beers and some comfort food and watch Colt's football.

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