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Colts Podcast: Indy knocks off Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in week 3

Matt Ryan’s 43rd career 4th quarter comeback was badly needed.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The absolutely dreadful lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 2 left a terrible taste in the mouths of all Colts fans. Having to follow that game up with your first home game being against the Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs was like a kick in the teeth.

The fact that this game was close early and ultimately resulted in a win is a testament to the fact that the NFL is a week to week league. This critical win takes Indy to 1-1-1 and sets up a very important week 4 game against the Titans.

Topics discussed on the podcast:

  • The rough first half for the offense and why it was better, but not by much in the 2nd half
  • Matt Ryan and his limitations and the Colts needing to do better up front
  • The crazy afternoon from Jelani Woods and his 2 catches for 2 touchdowns
  • The performance of the defense against a very good offense and what this could mean going forward
  • Looking ahead slightly to the week 4 matchup against the Titans
  • So much more

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