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2022 Week 3 Highlights- Colts vs. Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

This time last week, hundreds of Colts fans online wanted everyone fired.

If you were one of them, don’t go back on it now. Have some integrity.

That said, this week the Indianapolis Colts got an ugly but big win over the alleged Super Bowl contending Kansas City Chiefs. Here are some of the plays that made this one possible:

First Quarter

The offense went three and out and then this

I’ve never seen a better example of foreshadowing in an actual NFL game. Special teams won or lost today’s game depending on your perspective.

More foreshadowing

Matt Ryan looked around his huddle and realized if rookie Jelani Woods wears a fur coat in Hoosier National Forest he would absolutely be mistaken for a sasquatch and everyone knows sasquatches are fantastic red zone targets. I’m calling him Squatch Woods from now on.

Bubba deserves a raise

Three phases of football and the Colts offense didn’t help out that much and believe it or not, that’s really good news.

Second Quarter

Yannick Ngakoue with his first sack in Blue

The defensive line we all thought we were getting in 2022 showed up today and it was good to see.

Alec Pierce did everything you could ask for

The Colts second round receiver ended the day with three catches and 61 yards. Things started a little slower than everyone hoped, but Pierce hit the ground running today.

After an up and down first half, we at least got this

Matt Ryan extended a play, far too long and fumbled away the ball, and the Colts played poorly on offense for much of the first half. Yet they went into halftime down by just four points.

Third Quarter

The Defense came to play

The Chiefs would go on to kick a field goal and they would never score again.

Michael Pittman Jr. had a solid day

After missing week two, Pittman Jr. acted as Matt Ryan’s most consistent receiver. Pittman hauled in 8 catches for 72 yards. The next few weeks will tell us a lot more about how good of a duo MPJ and Alec Pierce will be but today things looked good.


It was nice to see a 50+ yard field goal attempt with plenty of leg. I’m glad he made it, obviously, but had he missed right or left but had this distance I wouldn’t have even been upset.

Fourth Quarter

This was so close to being another magical play for Patrick Mahomes

Watching this one live, I was pretty sure the Colts were dead because who could possibly come back from such a ridiculous play but Mahomes’ receiver couldn’t haul this one in.

Why didn’t the Chiefs get a field goal out of this drive?

Because they thought that their special teams disaster wouldn’t be complete without a failed fake field goal in the fourth quarter. An amazing turn of events for the Colts.

Game clenching field goal on the next drive?

lol no.

All of that set up this

Not since John Mackey have the Colts had a rookie tight end haul in two touchdowns in the same game.

Game over.

I was told the only way the Colts could win this game was via a miracle. Well, here we are and no Hail Mary's were sent.

Final Thoughts

Matt Ryan was bad for a big chunk of this game. Matt Ryan was bad because his blocking was bad. I’m not convinced it’s all on his offensive line, either. At one point on a third down Quenton Nelson stood up, pointing and assuring everyone knew their assignment. It didn’t work, pressure still got home. But that points to a different problem, not everyone on the offense responsible for pass protection knows their assignments based on what the defense is showing.

The good news is that can be fixed. It shouldn’t be a problem in week three, it shouldn’t be a problem in week one. Protecting the quarterback has to be a bigger priority than the Colts are showing it has been. But like I said, it’s fixable. What may not be as fixable is the level of play at both tackles and right guard, but that’s a question for a different day.

Enjoy this win and get ready for week four against the Tennessee Titans.