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Matchups to Watch Revisited: vs. Chiefs

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Gus Bradley vs. Patrick Mahomes (W)

Gus Bradley coached an amazing game against Patrick Mahomes and Eric Bienemy, arguably the best QB-OC duo in the NFL. Everything was perfect, and the Chiefs’ two touchdowns came after Colts’ turnovers. The Colts’ defense managed to hold the Chiefs under 20 points once again, as their running game could just never get going, Mahomes was under pressure most of the game from all sides of the line, and the receivers could not get much separation going. Sure, the Colts enjoyed some luck finally going their way, as Mahomes missed an open MVS on what would have a first drive touchdown, and the Chiefs’ backup kicker missed two easy kicks and was probably a big reason why Andy Reid elected to call a fake at one point in the game, but still, amazing game from the unit.

Colts’ Secondary vs. Travis Kelce (T)

After the first quarter, it seemed like Travis Kelce was in for a big game, but the Colts managed to make the proper adjustments and hold him in check for the rest of the matchup (other than a questionable two-point conversion that should not have counted). Kelce finished the game with 4 catches on 8 targets, for 58 yards and the touchdown.

Yannick Ngakoue vs. Orlando Brown Jr. (W)

Ngakoue finally showed why the Colts traded for him in the offseason, as he put pressure on Mahomes consistently throughout the course of the game and was a big reason why the defense managed to hold Kansas City under 20 points. Ngakoue has been a reliable, consistent pass rusher every single season in his career, so his slow start was unexpected, but it seems he was finally able to pick up the slack.

Colts’ IOL vs. Chris Jones (L)

This was the matchup the Chiefs dominated on Sunday, and it is now evident that Pinter is a long path away from being the solution at right guard. There was one particular play where Pinter just got bullrushed into the ground, and Kelly was clearly looking over his shoulder every single play to give Pinter a hand. One solution that seems possible would be for Bernard Raimann to slide in at left tackle once healthy, and for Matt Pryor to take over the right guard spot.

Frank Reich vs. Himself (T)

There are still plenty of issues with the offense, and Colts’ fans should still be worried about the state of the offense. Keep in mind that the first touchdown came after a botched punt recovered by the Colts inside the Chiefs’ 10-yard line, and the game winning drive was aided by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Chris Jones after a long sack on third and 6 that would have put the Colts’ away for good. There are still a ton of things to improve, but a win is always a win, and the team definitely needed the morale boost.