Looking for Input

I'm in the Atlanta area, so we seldom get Colts games down here. I watch Red Zone, but haven't seen a whole game yet this season. Here are a few takes from what little I've seen so far.

  • Maybe the defense isn't too bad after all. Once we get Leonard back, I think we will be fine. I hope Blackmon's injury isn't serious.
  • The WR corp is not great, but Pierce and Woods definitely looked better yesterday, and Pittman is proving to be a #1.
  • I'm not really worried about Ryan or Taylor's production so far, as I'm putting the offensive woes on the OL.
  • It seems like the OL had horribly regressed. I miss Castonzo, and even Fisher did an excellent job in run blocking, but I don't know who the biggest culprits are this year. Pryor has not been good and Smith seems to have taken a step backward, but how much of what is going on with Smith can be blamed on Pinter? I've seen Pinter whiff, get bowled over and generally not look good. How much of Smith's problems can been attributed to him trying to compensate for Pinter? I'm beginning to think that CB made a big mistake letting both Glowinski and Reed walk.
  • I know the cap may be an issue, but Ereck Flowers is a proven Guard in this league. I wonder why he is still available.
  • I know that Colts are probably counting on Raimann to develop into the starting LT, but Fisher is still out there, although the ship has probably sailed. From what I have read, he is looking for the 'perfect' situation.
  • In the meantime, do we try something different like moving Pryor to RG and Raimann to LT?
Looking for input from those of you who have actually been able to watch the games.

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