Colts vs. Titans Week 4 Preview

Week 4 will be a battle of two similary-built teams with similar records trying to get to .500 after getting the first win the week prior

Titans Offense: Tennessee has returned many of the same personnel on both sides of the ball so this is pretty much the same team as last year. While Ryan Tannehill caught flack for his decision-making in the Titans playoff loss to Cincinnati, he has played thus far like a solid-but-not great QB except for the blowout loss against the Bills in Week 2. Much like the Colts, the Titans were able to get a win against the Raiders to keep them winless. To be honest, I think the Colts defense should play the run unless rookie WR Treylon Burks gets some big plays to keep us honest. Derrick Henry is still the best weapon Tennessee has so the Titans will try to establish him. Sometimes in recent years, Henry has cracked the century mark against the Colts but the Colts have also held him in check on occasion. It should be noted that offensive line play as a whole for Tennessee has taken a hit in the wake of losing Taylor Lewan for the season so run blocking and pass protection will be a struggle for the Titans.

Colts Offense: While beating the undefeated Chiefs in Week 3 is in and of itself a feat, I am in the camp of believing that the Chiefs gave us that game between the muffed punt in the first quarter and Chris Jones getting flagged for 15 yards and we should send them a thank you gift. A win is a win but I'm not sold on the Colts being a playoff contender just because the Chiefs screwed up several times nor do I think this will be a cakewalk against the Titans. The Titans defense is just ok considering that they lost Harold Landry for the season. They can't rush the passer well which might be a good matchup for a Colts offensive line that isn't playing well outside of Quenton Nelson. Everything I said about the Titans can be copied and pasted here except replace Henry with Jonathan Taylor and Ryan Tannehill with Matt Ryan. While these teams are similar, the Colts should have an easier time establishing the run and sustaining drives considering the offensive line has its best player unlike the Titans.

Prediction: This is a tough one to predict seeing as how once again, these teams are similarly built. While I think it could easily go either way, I'm going to bet that the Colts will play better at home and take advantage of the fact that they have fewer critical injuries than Tennessee. Colts 27, Titans 23

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