Finding it hard to lay all the blame on the OL

Okay, after realizing that I can get through a game relatively quickly on the All-22, (as long as I skip kicks and the defense) I watched the offense against the Chiefs again.

The O-line was not perfect by any stretch, but I was seeing other issues. We see 5 sacks and assume that the line was shit, but some other contributing factors are:

Ryan hasn't shown great pocket presence to this point (at least IMHO). You know that the D will put a speed rusher on Pryor's side and he will go outside 9 out of 10 times. Pryor is of course getting beat, but he is pushing his man far enough past the pocket, that Ryan would have some great lanes if he stepped up. Throwing the ball away is also perfectly acceptable at times.

Our routes are puzzling at best. I honestly think we'd get more guys open if Ryan was drawing in the dirt what he wanted. We have receivers who are having either the inside or outside taken away from them, but they are bound and determined to go where the play is designed, which results in seeing them and the defender looking like one person to Ryan. This is happening in zone as well, as our guys are happy to run to a covered zone, if that is where the route is called to go. We don't seem to have any routes that see the receiver reacting to the coverage.

A couple of other things I believe Ryan could be doing. Have any of you heard a hard count? We haven't drawn anyone off-side this season, at least in my recollection. The blitzes that we did not pick up, could have been sniffed out with a hard count. If you draw a couple of encroachment penalties, it tends to slow the rush a bit. I also think he has to take more deep shots when he has the time. PI occurs about half the time, so it turns a lower percentage play, into one that could get some chunks, along with putting the D on their heels a little.

A couple of things Reich could be doing as well. What is the point of calling play action, if you don't do it with a plan for getting at least one receiver open? Ryan executes the play action perfectly, then is waiting, waiting, for someone, hell anyone to break open. Maybe the D knows it is coming and is really in coverage the whole time? He also needs to leave personnel groups in for consecutive plays far more often. He may be getting the play to Ryan quick enough, but Ryan can't tell the others what the play is, until they all arrive. I would suggest calling more plays that do not require a change in personnel. Those extra seconds could help Ryan call coverages.

In the run game, I'm not sure Taylor is guessing right for his running lane as often as he did last year. He's quite adept at waiting for a whole to open, but sometimes I think he is too patient. Easy enough for me to say from the cheap seats.

Lastly, I think many are barking up the wrong tree in their criticism of Pinter. He had consecutive bad plays in the second quarter that effectively ended the drive. The second one gets most of headlines, as he winds up on his back. He lost his balance and ended up standing almost straight up, losing any chance at leverage, and the defender made him pay. I actually watched it a couple of times to see if stepped on someone, to misstep so noticeably. He was actually worse on the play before as he sort of whiffed. We didn't have any linemen without at least 2 plays that they got their butt handed to them or were out of position.

Again, I don't have a clue of what the responsibility of each player is, on any particular play, but these are my observations, with the help of the All-22.

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