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Rashaad McGinnis & Destin Adams join Stampede Blue

Rashaad McGinnis

Hello, I’m Rashaad McGinnis, and I have been a sports fan for as long as I can remember. Having a family full of athletes made it easy for that to happen. As I got older, I started to concentrate specifically on football. I became a Colts fan early in my life and became fascinated with learning as much as I could about the NFL.

I started focusing more on players/coaches, schemes, and how they affect players' stats. Being around and having the chance to meet several players in the NFL due to relationships I’ve formed over the years is what encouraged me to start a podcast. I started several shows over the years discussing different topics in sports centering around current news across the NFL. At my most recent spot, I helped create The Blue Stable Podcast. I spoke about all things Colts-related, wrote several stories for the site, and broke multiple news stories.

Destin Adams

Hey Colts fans, my name is Destin Adams. You may know me from my former work as one of the founding members of The Blue Stable website and podcast or from my Twitter account @thedestinadams. I love engaging with fellow Colts fans and have been fortunate enough to have platforms where I can discuss my thoughts on the team. On top of discussing the Colts, I’ve also produced content that covers the NFL Draft, fantasy football, and the NFL overall. Learning more about football has grown from a hobby to a passion of mine, and I’m excited to bring that passion to Stampede Blue and its audience.

The Pair

This won't be the first time you’ve seen Rashaad and Destin work together, as they are coming straight from The Blue Stable, where the pair were two of the three hosts of the site's podcast. The two have been together for almost two years and get to bring the chemistry they've built to Stampede Blue.

They have been credentialed to attend the Senior Bowl, the NFL Draft, and Colts training camp. On multiple occasions, the duo showed fans how plugged in they were with the team and across the league throughout the offseason. They’ve shared direct info, such as the lead-up to the Carson Wentz trade, the hiring of Gus Bradley, the trade for Matt Ryan, and the signing of Nick Foles.

Where Can I Find Their Work?


Rashaad McGinnis: @ShaadMcGinnis

Destin Adams: @TheDestinAdams


Saddle Up with Shaad and Destin coming this season every Tuesday and Thursday!

Editor’s note

Stampede Blue focuses on bringing in various perspectives, and we have been fortunate to attract and help launch Colts content creators onto the next stages of their careers.

Jake Arthur left to write for and is now leading the team at Sports Illustrated's Colts blog, a part of the Fan Nation blog community, Horseshoe Huddle. Zach Hicks left to join Jake a season ago. They also took over the LockedonColts podcast.

Rashaad and Destin are similarly career-driven as NFL and Colts content creators. The community will gain insight from true insiders and will see the content level at Stampede Blue take another step forward in 2022 and beyond.

Welcome Rashaad and Destin!