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Colts Podcast: Week 1 preview and predictions against the Houston Texans

Will “the streak” finally come to an end?

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The 2022 NFL season is finally here and it’s time to talk about real football. No more practice talk. No more dissecting preseason games. We’re onto the games that count. All 17 of them.

Joining me on this podcast are two of our newest members to Stampede Blue: Shaad McGinnis and Destin Adams. They’ll be producing podcast content as well, giving you a full slate of Colts 2022 regular season content each week. On this podcast, we got together to talk about the upcoming matchup against the Houston Texans. Topics include:

  • The Colts defense matching up against Davis Mills and the Texans and whether any of us have concerns
  • The possibility of having Shaq Leonard back in the middle of the defense
  • The intriguing rookie Nick Cross and what he could mean to this defense in his first year
  • The offense under Matt Ryan and why we’re not expecting him to throw it 30 times a game early on
  • Our predictions for the game

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