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Chris Ballard Will Do “Whatever it Takes” To Draft Franchise Quarterback

Chris Ballard sat down for his annual end of season press conference and the takeaways are telling.

Washington Commanders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

On Tuesday morning Chris Ballard hosted his annual end of season press conference and he discussed everything from the past year and how the team will look to move forward. He kicked things off with taking accountability for how things went for the Indianapolis Colts in 2022.

We learned a lot, early on about how the head coaching search will go, who will be considered and who is making the final call:

On Jeff Saturday as a candidate:

This quote also confirmed that Jim Irsay was the person who made the decision on hiring Jeff Saturday. Chris Ballard never took any responsibility for the move and confirmed what we all believed.

On Jeff Saturday’s 8 games as head coach:

He also said they aren’t in a hurry to hire anyone:

Ultimately it didn’t seem like Chris Ballard loved the Jeff Saturday experience as several people who watched the press conference came away with impressions similar to this:

He took a question that asked if extending Jonathan Taylor and paying top dollar for a running back was a good decision:

He also talked about Bernhard Raimann’s rookie year:

This Tweet doesn’t fully encapsulate what Ballard said about the rook. He also said that they feel they have the guy at left tackle and that Raimann played well down the stretch. It’s pretty obvious Chris Ballard feels the Colts are set at left tackle.

Chris Ballard was asked “Would you be as shocked as everyone in this room if you don’t take a quarterback in the first round” and with a smirk on his face he gave this answer:

The next question about selecting a quarterback was phrased a little differently asking about trading up to the number one overall pick and Chris Ballard told us everything we really need to know about the 2023 NFL Draft:

Over the next few months we’ll find out if Chris Ballard believes there is a special quarterback in the 2023 class. And if there is it seems like he’s willing to do almost anything to go get that guy. And he might have to if he wants to save his job.

And with that the Indianapolis Colts 2022 season is officially in the books. According to Chris Ballard the first order of business will be to find the next head coach. The draft will follow not long after that and it’s safe to say, no matter what happens this off season is going to be wildly entertaining.

Go Colts.