A guy that I would like to see get an interview

I’ll get right to it and just say that I think Anthony Lynn should be the next head coach of the Colts. He checks a lot of boxes for me.

He’s been in the coaching business since 2000. Much of his time has been with running backs, but he does have head coaching experience via 4 years in San Diego, compiling a 33 - 31 record. 1- 1 in the playoffs.

2016: Inherited a 5 - 11 team and guided them to 9-7.

2017: Went 12 - 4 and won a playoff game.

2018: Dropped back down to 5 - 11 (Rivers final season with 20 INTs)

2019: Won 7 games with a rookie QB. A very good one in Herbert, but he had to come in much quicker than expected. Tyrod T. was to be the starter, but had that whole rib thing that was mishandled by the surgeon or staff, resulting in Herbert being the starter in week 2.

During that time he had Gus Bradley as his DC, so I believe that zero would have to change on that side of the ball. Ken Wisenhunt was OC 2016 - 2018, with Steichen being the OC for the first time in 2019.

For whatever reason, the Chargers went a different direction, so he got the OC gig in Detroit and had marginal success under 1st year HC Dan Campbell.

Kyle Shanahan thought enough of him to bring him in and give him the ASST HC position, to be able to wrestle him from the Lions. I think we’ve seen what the 9ers have been able to do, with whomever they play at QB. They are still a run first team, which on a team that has JT, might not be a bad way to go with a rookie QB.

So, who can he bring with him?

While the current 49er staff has a couple of OL line types that I’d be happy to see fill the same role in Indy, I find a name that Lynn crossed paths with in Buffalo. Aaron Kromer was the OL coach and Lynn the RB coach as the Bills led the league in rushing during both seasons. Kromer then went to the Saints as OL line coach and running game coordinator, even taking the reins as HC while Payton was suspended. Kromer went on to Chicago briefly and spent a small amount of time as the OC, but actually guided the Bears to 445 points during the 2013 season.

From there he was on McVay’s staff for their 2017 - 2020 seasons.

He is currently the OL coach in Buffalo, but he is who I hope would be brought in as the OC.

So, winning HC experience, familiarity with our DC, and the ability to bring in a staff.

Hell, he may not get an interview, but as I said at the top, he checks a lot of boxes.

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