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Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts Interim Head Coach Jeff Saturday Spoke To The Media Today On His Weekly Conference Call

Indianapolis Colts v New York Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday had his weekly conference call today with the media and gave several updates.

Saturday began his conference call by talking about the health of starting quarterback Nick Foles who was injured and had to leave the game. According to Saturday, Foles is still sore and the injury is significant enough to end his season and knock him out of the season finale against the Houston Texans. Saturday went on to announce that with Foles out for Sunday, quarterback Sam Ehlinger will be the starter with Matt Ryan as his back up. The Colts have cycled through every quarterback on the roster this season and all have been as bad each other whether it’s Ryan’s fumbles, Foles’s interceptions or Ehlinger’s lack of passing threat, it has all been poor.

Saturday went on to talk about the manner of which Nick Foles was injured, when New York Giants defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux sacked him and caused the rib injury. Saturday was not happy with Thibodeaux’s sack celebration calling it “trash” as he was celebrating while Foles was clearly in pain next to him. Saturday was also very upset with the offensive line for not coming to Foles aid. The Colts offensive line has been disastrous all year and it let the quarterback down again on Sunday, not blocking Thibodeaux and not calling him out on the sack celebration.