It's ALL the QB

I read an article that was focusing on the NFL's black Head Coaches. The main thrust of the article was around some quickly fired HC's and the bad QB's they had. It may be behind a paywall, but it is:

Bad QBs are a big reason Black head coaches lost ground

I took from it an increasing sense of just how the NFL has become more QB dependent for wins. Despite the saying that wins are not a QB stat ... they almost are.

Some of the numbers that stand out to me:

Coach Quarterback Record
Jim Caldwell Peyton Manning 24-8
Jim Caldwell Matt Stafford 36-28
Jim Caldwell Curtis Painter 0-8
Zac Taylor Joe Burrow 24-17-1
Zac Taylor Not Joe Burrow 4-19
Bill Belichick Tom Brady 77.4% wins
Bill Belichick Not Tom Brady 47.6% wins

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