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NFL Divisional Round Game Picks

We pick the full slate of games for the Divisional round

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFL divisional round figures to be yet another entertaining week filled with must watch matchups. The wild card round did not disappoint, with great games across the board, and the OU average for points is even bigger this week at almost 50 (!) points per game. The only issue I have this week is that the spreads are much bigger than prior divisional rounds, with less even matchups. For updated lines visit DraftKings Sportsbook.

We have Jaguars @ Chiefs ; Giants @ Eagles ; Cowboys @ Niners and Bengals @ Bills this week. Basically it’s two very even matchups (the last two) and two that probably will not be very close (the first two). Still, stranger things have happened in the Wild Card round, like the 27-point comeback led by Jags’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence giving me Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs vibes. However, my feeling is that the Jags’ and Giants’ underdog stories end this weekend, while I also believe the Niners will move on and outlast the Cowboys in what will be a disappointing collapse for Dak Prescott, and I think that Josh Allen and co. manage to beat the Bengals in Buffalo.

Most of the writers are in sync for this weekend, with the Cowboys @ Niners game being the only one where the staff disagrees on.