Calling everyone bluff

What if the Colts just stood pat at 4th overall?

Chicago is not drafting a QB and if they stood at 1st, probably draft Carter

Texans might draft a QB if they like Young enough.

Arizona not drafting a QB and will most likely take Anderson.

That leaves the Colts with all of their remaining picks and picking either Levis/Stroud/AR15.

These guys aren't sure fire picks like in the past so I think teams trading up will be scarce. Everyone knows next years class is loaded with Maye and Williams. So all this talk with trading away the house to get up to one I think is just Chicago media trying to drive up the price. If the Colts think Young is the next savior, then go ahead and trade up for him, but if not, then I am staying at 4, seeing how the draft plays out, and getting who ever the Texans don't pick. And lets be real here, the Texans can still punt on next season, pick up Anderson and pass on a QB, and we get out pick of the litter.

We are going to have a rookie QB in here no matter what. We are going to be picking high again next year, so do we want to sacrifice another 1st rounder? I don't. This team needs talent.

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