Head Coaching Search

I am just a casual fan and to be honest only follow the Colts and I am curious when it comes to head coaching search - is there a committee that will make a recommendation to Irsay and if so who is on the committee. Does Irsay head up the committee or is it CB heading it up? Also the list of candidates seems all over the place with huge disparity in coaching experience and positional background of the candidates; is that normal or do most teams know they want to improve/emphasis one side of the ball over the other and limit to coaches with offensive or defensive back grounds? Does the diversity of candidates being interviewed indicate disarray or merely being thorough.

As a side issue is there a reason Eric Bieniemy is not a head coach? He seems to be an extremely attractive candidate with a successful track record and coaching connections? Unless he is just hard to work with he should be able to attract some good people to work with and pull in a top candidates to fill vacancies?

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