Just have a gut feeling Eric Bienemy may be the Colts #1 target

Eric Bienemy is highly qualified. In fact, he has been interviewed 17 times for head coaching positions.

He is a fiery guy more in the mode of a Mike Vrabel. Some even say that he is an ass. But players speak highly of him including Patrick Mahommes.

He is an offensive coordinator that doesn’t call plays. I honestly think this is a plus and a downfall of Frank Reich. You have to be able to oversee the whole team. Sirianni gave up play calling. Same with Matt Eberflus. I can see Eric Bienemy being one of those CEO type coaches that will hold people accountable and more of an overseer.

I think he is the kind of guy who has been around long enough and worked with people on multiple coaching staffs that he would be able to bring in a great coaching staff. Just listen to this presser before the Jaguars game on some of the coaches he mentions that he knows as a former player and coach. I realize Doug Pederson was on Andy Reid’s staff, but Bienemy should be able to pull from multiple staffs.

He knows our GM which I think is a big plus. This is going to be Ballard’s job on the line to get the next Head Coach and QB correct. Bienemy took a little known QB out of Texas Tech and help mold him into a star his first year as a starter. The Chiefs offense is almost always ranked near the top with Bienemy doing a lot of the game planning.

I think Irsay is excited about him as a possible head coach. He was the only candidate that was announced by Irsay himself instead of the Colts PR people. I didn’t think much about it at the time but it is a difference between the other candidates.

Right now Vegas odds has him second behind Saturday but Irsay reads Twitter and the media and he knows there is no way he can sell the fan base on Jeff Saturday. I think Bienemy can be the kind of coach that can come in and hold people accountable and that actually has a NFL coaching resume.

I look for him to come in after the Championship Round and get an in person interview and impress.

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