Time to change the COLTure, Time to earn that Captain Badge (no coach or mock)


I'm really looking at Quentin Nelson, Shaq Leonard and DeForest Buckner for this post.
All 3 guys are locks for Captains, All 3 are looked at as leaders (from the outside looking in) and All 3 of these guys are paid handsomely.

I think its time to step up and have these guys earn that badge by shifting the culture of this team. We are softer than baby sh!t as a team. We worry about building a team full of great character guys more so than talented and/or guys that wants to win.

We seen guys step up and take a group under their wings. Typically it's QBs but we have heard of TE University and not as famous but Von Miller pass Rush Summit. Years ago there was pictures of JJ Watt taking out the defense during off season to work out and bond. Maybe this is happening behind the scenes but from what I see we are building team @ss backwards.

Example of the Problem
Why is our Rookie RB buying all the offensive line Louie Vuitton bags? He's the lowest paid guy in the room and the end result was a piss poor outing this pass season.

My Solution
What I would rather hear about is Quentin Nelson taking the group of offensive line and RBs up to South Bend. Our line is basically set at 4 position next year. Let's call up AC (I would have said Saturday before coaching) to run some drills and watch film with. I'm sure Notre Dame can provide a QB to hand the ball off to JT. I think a week of working out, relaxing and team building would go along way with the new rules (limited practices, less pre-season games etc.)

Yes this will cost money but it's a investment in their career and shows leadership. Let's say this week long team building cost 50 to 60k (housing, food, donation to University for using facilities). A playoff check is at least 35 to 40k which would be a good return on this investment.

Each of these Captains have resources (Colleges, personal trainers, chefs, physical therapists etc.) at their disposal. This may or may not make a difference on the field but hopefully this would help with comradery and communication on the field. This also could set or reset our culture and help sharpen those units as well.

I'm finished with my rant.... getting off my soap box. Is there another way to shift our team culture?

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