Jim Irsay is a genius

Jim knows the best times of his life started the day Peyton walked thru the door. Manning and Luck led to 20 years of the Colts being one of the top 3-4 most relevant teams in the NFL. When he made the decision to fire Frank we were looking at a pick, probably, in the mid-to high teens. I'll ask everyone reading this. What "better" decisions could you have made from that point on to ensure we get a top pick for a potential franchise QB. Fire the experienced coach and OC. Replace with a middle of the road high school football coach and practically an intern to call offensive plays. Have the coach bench and un-bench QBs nearly every week.

Because all the attention is on Jim the "off his rocker" owner, there has been next to no media/NFL attention to the Colts clearly tanking the season. Even leaks that Jim is still interested in Saturday keeps the attention away from the strategy.

Now will we get the next Peyton or Andrew, I don't know but the 1960's style of building a team CB has been pursuing will never work and I'm happy our owner is going back to the old recipe for success.

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