You got the Reich one baby uh huh (the ultimate clap back)

When Reich got fired I didn't think he would jump back into the coaching arena so soon. Even if he did I thought he was fired to late in the process and wouldn't find a job this Off-season (look at me worried about a Billionaire money). He has been link to 2 different teams as a HC. I was thinking if hired he could throw a wrench in our Off-season. Which maybe the reason we are interviewing so many candidates.

Scenario 1

Frank Reich to Carolina

He can bring Bubba (ST coordinator) and Gus Bradley for his coaching staff.

This probably will mean that Yannick Ngakoue is leaving for Carolina and possibly Parris Campbell.

Draft Day Trade

Carolina 2023 1st, 2nd, both 4th, 2024 1st and Donte Jackson


Bears 2023 1st and both 5th round picks

Carolina drafts Will Levis at 1

Bears draft Tyree Wilson at 9

Scenario 2

Frank Reich to Arizona Cardinals

He grabs Bubba and Gus as coaches

Free Agency he grabs Yannick Ngakoue and Carson Wentz (to cover for Kyler Murray during injury)

He refuses to trade no.3 and/or DeAndre Hopkins to Colts leaving room for Raiders or other teams to jump us for a QB (remember who selected Tebow with a 1st round pick)


Do either scenario change which head coach you want?

Does this change your draft strategy?

Is there anyone on these staffs that would interest you (Cardinals or Panthers)?

Is there any more players or staff you think would walk over to Reich?

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