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Ranking head coaching candidates for the Colts

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

I think we all know by now that there is no way on earth that Jeff Saturday is still the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts once the season ends, as his interim role has been lackluster to say the least. So, for the sake of entertainment and trying to ignore the terrible mess we have on our hands right now, let’s just look at the future as I rank my personal favourites for the Colts’ HC gig.

1- Jim Harbaugh, HC, Michigan

Harbaugh would be the dream scenario. He already has a proven track record as head coach in the NFL, and what he did in Michigan was impressive, leading them to the CFP playoffs this year and ending one missed call away from a potential national championship game. Harbaugh was the starting quarterback for the Colts from 1994 to 1997, so the ties with the organization are already there, and Harbaugh has been linked a lot with the team this season. He would be the best option to lead this roster without a shadow of a doubt, the only potential problem being roster control with a general manager like Chris Ballard. It remains to be seen whether Harbaugh actually wants to leave Michigan, but an already talented roster (with some holes of course), the chance to draft his quarterback of the future, and coming back to the NFL, might be tempting for him.

2- DeMeco Ryans, DC, 49ers

Ryan’s campaign with the 49ers has been a joy to watch this season, as they are the most consistently dominant unit in the NFL right now. Led by All-Pro caliber players like Nick Bosa and Fred Warner, surrounded with underappreciated stars like safety Talanoa Hufanga, Dre Greenlaw, and Arik Armstead, this defense is great at every single aspect of the game. Ryans is a great motivator and it is evident that his guys respect the hell out of him. It would be great to have a coach that can transmit that spark to players that seemingly lost it.

3- Mike Kafka, OC, Giants

Mike Kafka would be a great consolation prize if the Colts fail to land either Harbaugh or Ryans, as he has done a nice job with the Giants’ offense this season, giving both Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones their best seasons in the NFL. He helped coach the Chiefs’ passing game before his Giants’ job, so he already has some proven experience that he can help engineer an offense. The reason he is so low on the list is because his track record is not that big, and how much of the success his teams have had before cannot be attributed entirely to him.

4- Kellen Moore, OC, Cowboys

An underrated coach, Moore has the Cowboys’ offense running smoothly since he took over as the offensive coordinator, as Dallas consistently finishes in the top 12 in all offensive categories. Moore might be the most eager assistant to go for a head coaching job, as he has been Dallas’ offensive coordinator for the past three years.

5- Ken Dorsey, OC, Bills

I really like what Dorsey built with the Bills’ offense, and think he is a great offensive coordinator, but not only do I doubt he would take the Colts’ job if offered, but I also doubt he would be capable of leading a team. I don’t know much about the guy to judge his character, but I think there are better options on the board.