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Ranking remaining HC candidates for the Colts

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  1. Shane Steichen
  2. Raheem Morris
  3. Brian Callahan
  4. Ejiro Evero
  5. Wink Martindale
  6. Rich Bisaccia
  7. Jeff Saturday

Shane Steichen, OC, Eagles

Fresh off a dominant performance against the best defense in the NFL, Steichen’s stock has never been higher. He is by far my favourite option for the Colts head coach and think he would be the best option of the second interviews bunch. Steichen has considerable coaching experience, being mostly with the Chargers, and even has some prior defensive coaching experience. Steichen was vital in engineering what was a dominant offense in Philadelphia this year, and I am just salivating thinking what he could do here with the weapons we already have to further develop.

Raheem Morris, DC, Rams

A great leader and respected person in the Rams’ locker room, Morris has a ton of experience in both sides of the ball and even some head coaching experience in the past. Watching his interviews and how he conducts himself, it is clear that he brings true accountability to the table, and would possibly bring some talented coordinators.

Brian Callahan, OC, Bengals

Callahan’s ties to Peyton Manning (was an offensive assistant in Denver from 2013 to 2015) probably help him a lot with Irsay, and his recent success as the Bengals’ offensive coordinator also put him up there. A quarterback specialist, Callahan would work wonders with whatever quarterback we decide to draft.

Ejiro Evero, DC, Broncos

Evero is an amazing candidate, and just coached a dominant unit down in Denver. He is at 4 because I personally would like having an offensive minded head coach more than a defensive minded one, and Evero has no prior experience coaching the offensive side of the ball (though he was offereded being the Rams’ passing game coordinator and secondary coach).

Wink Martindale, DC, Giants

Martindale is the most experienced of the bunch alogn with Bisaccia, as he has been coaching football since 1986 (13 years before I was even born). Always coaching the defensive side of the ball, Martindale had an amazing season last year coaching the New York Giants. In my opinion he should see what he is building in New York through and is just too old (will be 60 once next season starts) to energize a team that is desperately needing a spark.

Rich Bisaccia, STs, Packers

A special teams coordinator throughout his entire career in coaching (stint as the interim head coach for the Raiders after the Gruden scandal, leading them to a 7-5 record and playoff berth), the same criticism for Martindale applies to Bisaccia, who will be 63 at the start of the year. I just don’t see the upside in hiring him.

Jeff Saturday, interim HC, Colts

What else is there left to say about Saturday? 1-7 record as the interim head coach, blew the largest lead in NFL history, lost to the Texans at home to end the season, did not develop any sort of consistency or new things in the offense. Sure, it can be said that he inherited a terrible situtation, but he has no prior coaching experience at all. Hiring Saturday would be a crucial mistake that could set the franchise back even more, unless the ultimate goal is to draft Caleb Williams next year.