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Report: Colts Head Coaching Search Could Last Into Super Bowl Week

The Colts are taking their time with their head coaching search this go around—looking to get the decision right.

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

According to The Athletic’s Zak Keefer, the Indianapolis Colts head coaching search could last until Super Bowl week—as the franchise is seemingly in no hurry to wrap things up, still performing their due diligence on an ever growing list of finalists:

During the franchise’s 2018 head coach search, general manager Chris Ballard, who’s again leading the Colts ongoing search, had a clear candidate in mind, now Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. That obviously didn’t work out for the Colts, as McDaniels jilted the Colts at the altar—and hasn’t been all that successful again, only this time in Vegas.

Now, instead of using the process to reach his already desired end, he’s now letting the process itself dictate the final result.

The Colts have had the offseason’s most thorough head coaching search—featuring a lengthy list of candidates and reportedly long ongoing second round interviews. As the franchise vets through all qualified candidates, they clearly are wanting to get the decision right.

It means that Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan may now receive a second round interview this week—with his team freshly eliminated. Further, there’s always the possibility that the Colts still want another interview with Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy for their current opening—who they reportedly maintain a legit level of interest in.

Per Keefer, the team also hasn’t ruled out a third round of interviews, if the finalists are even further narrowed down—and the team still wants more internal evaluation.

What’s clear is that this process may not actually conclude any time relatively soon.