Mock Draft Fun

So I tried out PFF's mock simulator and had some fun. I did my best to think like Ballard and went with Levi's at one, and I was also able to offload Kenny Moore. I could see us doing that, and I think I made up for it by getting Clark Phillips in the fourth round for Ryan Kelly. I can see us going with Pinter at center next year, I thought he played fine at that position. Overall I was happy to grab some WR help and Oline help in the first three rounds. A note on grabbing two tackles: I think there is a slight chance that we move Braden Smith into guard and draft a RT. This class is better at tackle than guard. I grabbed the last guy I drafted for position flexibility and depth mostly. The other selections were mostly for depth and development. If Yannick goes we grab an ED defender. I also wanted to bolster some corner depth. Thoughts?My Colts Mock Draft

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