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Do Sunday’s turnovers foreshadow a turning point in the Colts’ season?

The Colts failed to protect the ball on Sunday against the Jaguars. Are they are risk of this snowballing into something more?

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Indianapolis Colts and Gardner Minshew looked good on the opening drive against the Jaguars. Minshew started the game completing his first nine passes, and although the team had to settle for a field goal, things were looking pretty good. So much so, that one could be forgiven if they believed for just a moment that this might be the game that broke the road losing streak. Unfortunately, there were another 3.5 quarters to be played.

By the end of the third quarter, the score read 31-6 in favor of the home team. While the final score read closer, the game was never in doubt. The Jaguars are the better team, but it doesn’t mean they should have won or should have won so handily. After a precision start, Minshew looked like he didn’t really care to keep the ball, turning if over four times; once on a fumble and the other three as interceptions. The normally careful, won’t lose the game for you by making mistakes quarterback, had a heck of a problem on Sunday,

The biggest issue isn’t Sunday. Even the best of players are going to have lousy games. It is just part of it. The problem I see is whether this is a sign of things to come. Yes, Minshew is a competent backup and will allow the Colts to remain competitive, but will he have enough ability to float a roster that was never Super Bowl bound?

Yes, backups are not starters for a reason. They are intended for those “pinch” situations or to relieve a starter to give them a break. They come in at garbage time when the game is already out of reach. Backups are not starters, but Minshew is the starter now and most likely for the rest of the season. The Colts and the fans will just have to get used to that.

Will Minshew turn the ball over four times every game? No. He might not even do that again this season or in his career. Sunday was a one bad game. That is it. Is Minshew’s best good enough though to pull this Colts roster through the rest of the season? That is the real question. Things were looking up for the franchise, and all of that came crashing down on Anthony Richardson’s right shoulder. We are now left to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the 2023 Colts and whether we should start looking forward to 2024.