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Colts’ Matchups to Watch Revisited: Week 6 @Jaguars

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Julius Brents / Jaylon Jones vs. Calvin Ridley

The Jaguars’ duo of #1 receivers Calvin Ridley and also Christian Kirk were kept mostly quiet on Sunday. Kirk did score a touchdown on a busted coverage, but other than that they combined for just seven catches for 79 yards. The Jaguars did not need their passing game as much this game, as they were up double digits after just their second drive, but in no way can this be classified as a good game for Brents and Jones, who are of course going to struggle here and there as they adjust to the NFL. Brents did get his first interception in the league.

Ryan Kelly vs. Roy Robertson-Harris

In the end there was no DaVon Hamilton in the mix for the Jaguars, but it was not that important as the Colts ran the ball just 15 times. RRH did have five pressures from the interior, but he was mostly kept quiet throughout the game, as the Jaguars did not try and pressure Minshew.

Jonathan Taylor vs. Foyesade Oluokun

8 carries for 19 yards on the ground, 5 catches for 46 yards (one went for 40, so that number is a tad inflated), and overall a bad day in the office for Jonathan Taylor. The Colts’ offense was just not working after that first drive, don’t let a couple of garbage time touchdowns fool you, whatever Steichen was cooking for this game just did not work. The Jags’ shut down the Colts’ two headed backfield and challenged Minshew to beat them through the air, which as we all know did not happen.

Bernhard Raimann / Blake Freeland vs. Josh Allen

Other than the strip sack allowed in the first play of the Colts’ second drive by Raimann, the Colts did a fine job of containing edge rusher Josh Allen. Of course you cannot just erase a forced turnover that started the debacle for the team on Sunday, but allowing just four total hurries on 60 pass designed plays is certainly impressive from the Colts’ tackles, especially considering the team was down double digits for most of the game.

Gus Bradley vs. Trevor Lawrence

Once again and sorry for piling on this, but the Colts were down two scores after just the second drive and the offense turned the ball over four times. The defense allowed just 233 net yards because the Jaguars did not need to do much on offense to beat us, and not only were they constantly in good field position but the game was essentially over early on in the third quarter.