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Colts lose to refs, Browns. Shawn Smith’s crew cost this team a win

Getting robbed by the refs is nothing new for the Colts, but this has to be among the most obvious and decisive ones in recent history.

NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Colts got absolutely robbed by referee Shawn Smith and his gang today, with several questionable calls going the Browns’ way, but the worst of all coming in the final drive of the game.

The first questionable call came on 3rd and 4 inside the Colts’ red-zone, as linebacker E.J. Speed forced a fumble which Buckner recovered. A play that would have ended the game, but the refs called illegal contact on backup cornerback Darrell Baker Jr. and gave the Browns the ball back plus a first down. That call was not blatant, and I recognize I might be biased on this one because, of course, I am a Colts’ fan, but the worst call came right after that.

You can check the play yourself, but it is clear as day, Walker threw an uncatchable ball to wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones and the refs called DPI on Darrell Baker Jr., giving the Browns a first down on the one-yard line. It ended up taking them all 4 attempts to make it into the endzone, and the defense was holding their own. Even the announcers said that not even Calvin Johnson is holding onto that ball.

I just would like for the referees to have more accountability on their jobs. If I make a mistake as bad as that one on my job I get fired. Simple as that. This was not a whoopsy that could have happened to anyone, this is a terribly bad mistake at the worst possible time. Hopefully the NFL takes further measure and suspends this crew of incompetent so-called referees at least a couple of games, to make sure first of all that they are completely clean, and then if their honesty is out of the question at least make sure their eye-sight is okay. I will go ahead and do the first step for them, the name of the refs are #14 Shawn Smith, #45 line judge Jeff Seeman, #105 back judge Dino Paganelli, #109 field judge Dyrol Prioleau, and side judge #18 Clay Reynard.