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Did the Colts not plan for Myles Garrett, or is he just that good?

The defense end for the Browns was all over the field on Sunday making monster plays.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts forgot Myles Garrett plays for the Cleveland Browns. A more likely scenario is that Garrett is just that good.

The star defensive end wrecked the game on several occasions and caused grief all day for the Colts on offense and then inexplicitly on special teams as well. Garrett sacked Gardner Minshew twice causing him to fumble on both occasions. Not only did he cause fumbles, but both were recovered by the Browns. Not only were the fumbles recovered by the Browns, they also scored 14 points off both fumbles. Not only did they score off both fumbles, one was directly recovered in the end zone for six. That is a lot of destruction.

To add insult to injury, Garrett also lined up on a 60-yard field goal attempt by the Colts and leapt over two players, without touching them at all, and blocked the kick easily. It marked one of several turning points in a frantic game that created an incredible stat line.

Clearly, the Colts knew full well that Garrett was lining up against them on Sunday. The question is whether they truly knew what they were facing with him out there. Backed up on their own goal line, the Colts chose to “double team” the DE. That was the smart thing to do to keep him from blowing up the play and creating a disaster. The bad part was the effort. With barely a chip from the tight end and then a wave goodbye from Blake Freeland, the Colts allowed the Browns to put up ten points in last two minutes of the half thanks in part to a strip sack for six.

Those ten points proved to be critical as the Colts fell by one. You can be mad about the last few plays of the game. You can be upset with the officials and the questionable calls. You should really be mad at Myles Garrett, however, and the lack of answers for him. He single handedly beat the Colts. One man shone brightest on the league’s best defense as the Colts hung an impressive 38 on the board. The Browns needed every big play from their star on Sunday, and Garrett delivered.