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For the Colts, does the season’s direction depend on Sunday’s outcome?

The Colts currently sit at 3-4. Not good, but not bad. Where they go from here could be directly impacted by Sunday’s result.

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Week eight for the Indianapolis Colts features two 3-4 teams when the New Orleans Saints come to Lucas Oil Stadium in what could prove to be a turning point in the Colts’ season.

Are the Colts bad? Are the Colts good? I would say, as the record implies, that they are somewhere in between. Unfortunately, that is a horrible place to be. In between provides no identity or direction for the future. Should we root for the Colts to fight for the seventh seed in the playoffs, or are we better turning our attention to a top draft pick to continue to stock the shelves with young talent?

As a fan, it is extremely hard to root for a top draft pick when we are only halfway through the season. Personally, I am still holding out hope. That hope may be short lived if the Colts cannot defeat the Saints on Sunday, however, as a loss would drop them to 3-5. That record at the mid-point would be highly unattractive when trying to make the playoffs.

With a win, however, the outcome looks completely different. For a team that won four games all of last year, sitting at .500 at this point certainly provides forward momentum and hope towards a playoff push. The Colts are aided by two things. The playoffs expanded to seven teams, so an extra spot is up for grabs. Additionally, the schedule is soft. Throw in teams like the Panthers and Patriots before the bye and follow that up with some less than inspiring competition afterwards, sets the Colts up nicely.

Sure every game in the NFL is tough no matter the team or record. I am not saying the Colts will win out if they beat the Saints, but when 9-8 could very well be a playoff spot, getting to even this week would be huge. Everything is there for the taking for the Colts to put together a nice string of victories walking into the bye. The only thing they have to do is take it, and that all starts on Sunday against the Saints.