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Colts’ Stat of the Game: Week 8 vs. Saints

NFL: OCT 29 Saints at Colts Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Gardner Minshew > 40 passing attempts

I don’t know what the gameplan was before the game, but Gardner Minshew once again threw the ball more than 40 times, and that is never a good recipe. Not only do the Colts have the best 1-2 punch running backs in the NFL right now, but Minshew gets more exposed the more throws he has to make. This was a one score game most of the time, so it is not like the Colts were trailing by double-digits and had to play catchup like it was against the Jaguars, so there is no excuse at all for this type of run-pass balance. Steichen should take note and realize by now, Minshew throwing so much is not beneficial to this team.

Saints over 500 yards of total offense

Now even though Minshew throwing the ball a lot and the running backs not getting their fair share in the second half is far from ideal, that was not the biggest reason the Colts lost yesterday, because that has to be the defense allowing 500+ yards of total offense against a unit that was, believe it or not, struggling before this game. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the defense this year. Kwity Paye has not increased his pass-rushing capabilities and the Colts definitely have a need in that area. Shaq Leonard is taking way too long to return to his dominant, Maniac ways. Defensive tackle and key run stopper Grover Stewart has been suspended for six games. And most important of all the Colts have lost three of their starting cornerbacks, Rodgers to suspension, Brents and Flowers to injuries. Tony Brown was starting yesterday at cornerback, and it went as well as you can expect. It seemed like the gameplan at times for the Saints was just: Locate Tony Brown -> Throw it his way -> Success. Taysom Hill had 9 carries for 63 yards and two touchdowns, which also shows a lack of preparedness by the unit. There has to be some real soul-searching within them, as no matter the injuries performing like this is inexcusable.

Colts turn the ball over just once

After two consecutive games of turnover trouble for the Colts’ offense, they seemed to clean that up a bit, with only one interception thrown by Minshew. Granted, it was a bad one and it was perhaps at the worst time it could have been, as the Colts were in a position to take the lead down 20-21 in field goal range, but at least it was not as bad as recent weeks.

Colts’ defense now the worst scoring defense in the NFL

229 total points allowed through the first 8 games. More than 35 points allowed in each of the past three games, the wheels on the Colts’ defense are falling off, and they are falling off fast. Fun matchup next week against the Panthers and a struggling offensive unit led by Colts’ former head-coach Frank Reich.