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Colts Tackle Bernhard Raimann looking forward to the opportunity to play in Germany

In an emotionally charged homecoming, Indianapolis Colts’ Austrian tackle Bernhard Raimann plays an NFL game in Germany, offering a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for his family and friends.

Before the game New England Patriots - Indianapolis Colts Photo by Jürgen Kessler/picture alliance via Getty Images

Bernhard Raimann is an offensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts, and he’s gearing up for an extraordinary game. It’s scheduled in Frankfurt, Germany, not too far from his Austrian hometown, as reported by Mike Chappell.

Years ago, Raimann was a wide receiver for the Vienna Vikings in Austria. He’s since transformed into a key player for the Colts, bulking up and honing his skills significantly. This upcoming game is special because it’s a chance for Raimann to play in front of his family and friends for the first time since he made it to the NFL. He’s managed to secure 18 tickets for them to come and watch, which promises to turn the game into a personal festivity complete with German treats.

This match is about more than just the competition; it’s about showcasing the reach and impact of American football internationally. It’s a living example of how a player from a modest background can rise to prominence in a major sports league.

Raimann’s performance this season is impressive. He’s currently ranked as the ninth-best tackle by Pro Football Focus, indicating his improvement and value to his team.

As the Colts square off against the Patriots, there’s a mix of personal and professional stakes at play. Raimann’s home game and the strategic face-off between the two teams add depth to the story.

Coach Shane Steichen and the Colts are treating this as an important game, but also as an opportunity to blend work with leisure time in Germany. On the other sideline, the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick are familiar foes for Colts fans. Oddly, the legendary coach is facing the first real rumblings about his job security after a series of losses. It won’t be lost on Colts fans that a win in Germany could be another nail in the coffin, that would signify the end of Belichick’s long run as Patriots head coach.

For the full backstory on Raimann’s return to Germany and what this game means for him and the Colts, check out the detailed coverage by Mike Chappell here.