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Monday Morning Awards: Week 10 @Patriots

Ugly win for the Colts against the Patriots, but at least we are at .500.

Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Dayo Odeyingbo

Three sacks to double his season tally, and a breakout game for Odeyingbo, who was a nightimare for the Patriots’ offensive line all game long. Unlike Paye, Dayo has shown he has the potential to completely take over games, which gives me a lot of hope for his future development. Even despite missing Grover Stewart, the rest of the Colts’ defensive line also had a good game.

Dud of the Game: Gardner Mishew / Shaq Leonard

Let’s start with Mishew, who looked the worst I have seen from him so far. Nervous, erratic, sometimes even panicking in the face of inexistent pressure. With good quarterback play this game is not even close, but Minshew looked not only like a rookie but one that probably never even played quarterback before. He did make a couple of good plays, but they all came after scrambling and just dancing around in the pocket.

Now some really tough questions have to be asked about Leonard, who whined this week for the second time in a row, and then goes out and plays like he does. He missed tackles, looked aloof, and was not just one but several steps behind the pace of the game. It was absolutely dreadful. Now ten games into the season, rust is no longer an excuse, and I would not be surprised if Leonard’s name appears in off-season cut candidates articles.

Play of the Game: Downs third down diving catch

Totally agree with the tweet, Downs is as legit as it gets. Even battling a knee injury that bothered him all week long he goes out and does that at the most important moment of the game with the Colts backed up in their own endzone and on third down. Really good throw by Minshew also. Rodney Thomas’ interception was also in contention not because it was a good play but because it put an end to this unbearable game.

Whammy of the Game: Any of Minshew’s happy feet moments

Not a good game for Minshew, as all of his passing attempts looked a lot like this. Steichen has a bye week to get this issues under control because this type of anxiety from the quarterback will derail an offense. And it is not like Minshew was getting harassed by the Patriots’ defensive line, there were times where he had a clean pocket but he still started dancing around instead of settling down and hitting the receiver.

Rookie of the Week: Josh Downs

Downs had just two catches for 40 yards, but they were really important, and no other rookie had any impact on the game so this one has to go to Downs. While he will most likely not be even close to winning OROTY because of guys like C.J. Stroud and Puka Nacua, the impact Josh Downs has had on this team, and the potential he has, cannot be understated.

Unsung Hero: Isaiah McKenzie / Darrell Baker Jr.

Solid in the punt return department, had a kickoff return for over 40 yards, drew a 15-yard penalty, and caught four passes for over 30 yards on easily his most productive day as a Colt.

Darrell Baker Jr. was criticized a lot early on in the year, and for good reason, but he was solid yesterday and he actually missed the birth of his son in order to be with the team, and that level of commitment to the cause definitely mean something to me.