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Legendary Colts QB Peyton Manning blames brother Eli for ‘Manning Cast’ not calling Indy game yet

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning cited Eli Manning’s scheduling conflicts as to why they haven’t been featured on Manning Cast yet during MNF games.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

According to legendary Horseshoe quarterback Peyton Manning, his younger brother, Eli, is the reason to blame for why the Indianapolis Colts haven’t been featured yet on ‘Manning Cast’ during Monday Night Football games—citing the younger Manning brother’s continued ‘scheduling conflicts’ during Colts primetime matchups (via Scott Agness):

With no Monday Night Football games scheduled for this season, the Colts did host the Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 12) and Los Angeles Chargers (Week 16) of last season, but apparently, Eli had scheduling conflicts with his alleged New York .’pickle ball matches.’

Look, I’m not about to call Peyton Manning a liar, so Eli needs to find a way to make it work next time Indianapolis plays on Monday Night Football—or he’ll hear about it again from big bro and maybe even the Horseshoe faithful.

That way, we can continue to hear #18 say, ‘We,’ when referring to the original NFL franchise he played for—and in fact call a Colts game, with his witty and humorous commentary featuring his former team.